Joseph Albert Miller (1879-1859)

Joseph Albert Miller was born in Lucknow, Bruce County, Ontario on 4 July 1879, the 10th child and last son of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. In various records he went by Joseph, Albert, and Bert but it seems he usually went by Albert.

He married Mary Della Barclay in London, Ontario on the 23 October 1901. Albert and Della had 4 children; Thomas Jason Albert (1903), Henry Orlo (1911), and Alvin Rae and May (1917), Alvin Rae and May appear to be twins. Della and their son Alvin died of pneumonia in 1919.  Four years later Albert married Mary Lee Barclay. I always thought his wives were sisters but was proved wrong when I saw both marriage registrations. Albert died in 1959 and Mary died in 1973.

Albert has 2 claims to fame. First, instead of becoming a become a farmer, he was a tailor. He started in Kinloss Township (possibly Lucknow) but by 1903 he moved to London, Ontario to set up his own business at 711 Richmond Street. He lived at this address until his death. That address is a pizza place now.

His second claim to fame is his son, Orlo, who started out as a feature writer for the London Free Press and later wrote a book on the Black Donnellys of Ontario. He has a Wikipedia article written about him.

I’d like to hear your stories about this couple and their children. Please contact me if you have any information.

Pictures (from left to right)
1. Joseph Albert Miller   2. Thomas Jason and Orlo Miller as children    3. May Miller

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Catherine Miller

5b-kate miller

Catherine Miller

Catherine Miller, 9th child of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young was born the 31 March 1874 (or thereabouts – her birth wasn’t registered so her birth date is from the 1901 census). By the time she was 2  her older siblings were already marrying and leaving home.

Catherine married Walter Spindler, a labourer who was born in Lincolnshire, England. His family emigrated from England in 1873 and settled in Lucknow, Huron County, Ontario. Catherine and Walter married on December 26, 1899 in Lucknow. They had 5 children, William Thomas Charles born in 1901 who lived only 22 days, Catherine Lillian (Lily) born in 1903, Walter John born 1906, Arthur Elliot born 1910, and Thomas Charles born 1911.

3c-catherine (miller) & walter spindler

Catherine Miller and Walter Spindler

They may have been a poor family. I think this because in the 1921, John age 15 was working at a neighbours and Lily, age 18 is living with and helping out her 62 year old Aunt Mary Munroe. Only the 2 younger boys remained at home.

Walter died in 1936. Catherine died later in 1953. Both deaths are marked with footstones at the base of the tombstone of Margaret Curtis and her husband Charles. Margaret is Catherine’s older sister.

Their daughter, Lillian, lived with  William “Bill” George Armstrong. In 1931 their daughter and only child Margaret Hazel was born. Margaret married in 1952 and had 10 children. It’s fascinating that Arthur married twice and had 6 children. Thomas Charles married and had 4 kids.


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William David Miller and Malinda Fizell

William Miller (1872 – 1925) and Melinda Fizell (1874 – 1955)

William David is the eighth child of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young.  He was born in 1872, either the 14 of February (1901 census), or the 16 January (army records). William did all the normal things, he worked, married (Malinda Fizell on 23 May 1894 in London, Ontario), had 2 children, Roy, and (Rita) Myrell both born in London, Ontario and moved west to Edmonton between 1911 and 1916. He stated he is a carpenter on his attestation papers but in 1916 he worked as a salesman.

At the age of 44, he did something unusual. He enlisted to fight in World War 1 with the 194th Brigade out of Edmonton.  William sailed to England and then was sent to Ypres, France where he took part in the 3rd Battle of Ypres, also called the battle of Passchendale where trench warfare claimed 310, 000 casualties. It is here he suffered “shell shock”after spending 5 months there.  The diaries of veterans about this offensive help us understand what it was like.

William’s medical records state:

“Rather anemic and frail for 50 years of age. He has marked course tremors of the hands and head with muscular jerkings of the body and legs….The mans  nervous condition is increasing steadily. He has strong disposition to muscular tension of this whole body, with marked exacerbations of this feeling. The knee reflexes are lost….The mans nervous condition is increasing steadily.

Was healthy on enlistment. He did not feel any condition of nervousness until under fire for 5 months, on the Ypres front…disability is probably permanent.”

from William David Miller Military Record, Library and Archives Canada

William was transferred to the Canadian Army Service Corps in Borden, Manitoba and on April 9, 1919 was discharged from duty. He died 6 years later in August of 1925. Linda died 30 years later in 1955. Both Linda and William are buried in the Edmonton Cemetery.

His son Roy was interested in family history and published the Miller Family Genealogy in 1973. He married Gertie Jennings in Edmonton. His sister, Myrell, moved to Vancouver and married Elbert Hubbard Vance in 1928. I’m looking for descendants of Roy and Myrell.  Please contact me if you have information.




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Thomas (1864-1938), John (1868-1904), and James Miller (1869-1928)

  1. Thomas Miller taken in Munising Michigan studio 2. John Wesley Miller taken in London Ontario studio 3. James Miller taken in Marquette Michigan studio 

The next three boys of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior doesn’t have much to offer; it’s remote, has harsh winters and poor farmland. However, the Upper Peninsula thrived from 1890 – 1920. Iron was discovered and the mines drew in workers.  It was during this golden age that Thomas, John Wesley, and possibly James moved there.

I have no diaries or newspaper articles that suggest why they decided to leave home and go to Michigan but can make some  guesses. First of the there seems to be a general migration of people from Ontario to Michigan. Most of the good land at home was already taken and purchasing a farm may have been impossible. There also may have been a general desire to leave home; go on an adventure and leave the expectations or constraints of family. Perhaps they decided they didn’t want to be farmers and the Upper Peninsula offered an opportunity for a different kind of occupation. In the 1900 census Thomas is in Munising working as a saloon keeper.  John, also a saloon keeper, is getting married in Escanala at the same time. I haven’t been able to locate James but he was in Munising at one point to have a professional picture taken.  I like the idea that they ended up fairly close to each other. It suggests that as children they worked and played together and wanted to continue that closeness.

The picture of John taken in London, Ontario is an image of a hale, hearty, and prosperous business man. This depiction may not be correct because in 1904 John dies of apoplexy (which could mean heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm) in the Marquette hospital.  Two years earlier he married a waitress, Minnie Helger.  (Did he meet her because she was a waitress at his saloon?) Thomas is the informant on his brother’s death registration. I can imagine how devastated he was. Shortly after John’s death he and his family left Michigan and headed out to Cutknife Saskatchewan.

Thomas is thought to have married Catherine Ferguson in about 1892. There is the birth in 1896 in Munising, Michigan of a nameless child born to Thomas Miller and wife with a last name of Ferguson and in the 1900 census there is a Thomas Miller with wife Catherine and child, Alfred T in the same place. I’m pretty sure this is our Thomas.

As I mentioned by 1906, just 2 years after the death of his brother, Thomas and his family are living in Cutknife, Saskatchewan, a small village west of North Battleford. He is farming on his land close to his wife’s family and his son is going to school. In 1911 and 1921 they lived in Hillsdale, Saskatchewan. After that records are sparse for Thomas. I was unable to find any death record of their deaths although Thomas is believed to have died in 1938

James Miller is similar. The only records I can find of him is the picture taken in Marquette, Michigan, family information that he died in Marquette in 1928 and his mother’s obituary that says he’s living in Wisconsin in 1909.

I was also unable to find any mention of John’s wife after he died.

Please contact me if you have any information on these families, if you have any questions or if you’d like to know where I found this information.

Just the facts on Thomas, John and James


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Margaret Miller (1864-1929) and Charles Curtis (1867-1939)

Margaret Miller wife of Charles Curtis

Margaret Miller wife of Charles Curtis

Margaret is the 4th child of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. She was born either 28 February 1864 (1901 Census) or the 27 February 1863 (death registration). I have decided to go with the birth date on the 1901 Census since she may have given her birth date to the census enumerator. The informant on her death registration was her brother, Albert, and I don’t what his memory for birth dates was like.

As a child she would have worked hard like her other siblings. When she was 21 she married Lachlan Ross on 11 March 1885 in Kinloss Township, Bruce County, Ontario. He was 15 years older than her. The marriage didn’t last very long as 5 years later she married Charles Curtis (29 May 1890) in Goderich, Huron County, Ontario. The odd thing about this marriage is that on the marriage registration she states her parents are Thomas and Catherine Ross. At first I wasn’t sure if this was the right woman but the death registration of Margaret Curtis lists her parents as Thomas Miller and Catherine Young.

So the question is what happened to Lachan Ross? I searched for a death record for him but wasn’t able to find one nor was I able to find a divorce record for them in the parliamentary records.

From 1840 to 1968, divorces in Canada were granted by private acts of the Parliament of Canada and published either in the Statutes of the Province of Canada or in the Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada.

From 1867 to 1968, a person wishing to obtain a divorce was first required to place a notice of intent to petition the government for an Act of Divorce in the Canada Gazette and in two newspapers in the district or county where the petitioner resided. It was to appear for a 6-month period. (from Library and Archives Canada.

I haven’t checked local newspapers for divorce petitions but my guess is that either Lachlan abandoned her or she left him but there was no divorce. It’s possible that she was still legally married when she married Charles Curtis. The fact that she listed herself as a spinster and gave the incorrect surnames for her parents suggests that something wasn’t quite proper.

May Curtis and her husband Charles Greenhill

May Curtis and her husband Charles Greenhill

However, Margaret’s marriage to Charles Curtis lasted until she died in 1929. Their only child, Mary Jane, was born to Charles Curtis and Margaret Ross (it wasn’t unusual to list the previous married name on the mother as her surname) on June 18, 1897 in Middlesex County, near London Ontario. Mary Jane married Charles Greenhill in 1917.

Margaret lived close to her sister Mary Jane Munroe in White Oak, Middlesex, Ontario.  She died on August 14, 1929 in White Oak. I believe Charles died 10 years later in 1939. They are both buried in Woodland Cemetery, London, Ontario.



Please contact me if you think we are related, if you have any questions, or you want to know where I found this information.

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Elizabeth Miller (1860-1940) and Samuel Walker (1852-1935)

Elizabeth Miller, wife of Samuel Walker

Elizabeth Miller, wife of Samuel Walker

The third child born to Thomas Miller and Catherine Young was a daughter, Elizabeth. She was born October 9, 1860 in Lucknow, Bruce County, Ontario. As a child she would have had many “womanly” chores to do such as minding her younger brothers and sisters, housecleaning and the pioneer tasks such as canning and gardening. Like her brother, Jacob, she married one of the Walker clan. She was 16 years old when she married Samuel Walker on October 7, 1876 in Goderich, Huron County, Ontario.
Elizabeth and Samuel lived long lives and suffered many tragedies in their lives. They had 11 children; 7 who were born in Canada. In 1893, they followed Samuel’s family to Chippewa County, Michigan  (straight south of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario). They had 3 or 4 more children in Michigan.

The first tragedy that occurred in their marriage was when their infant daughter, Margaret, died in 1882 at the age of 2 months. She is buried in the South Kinloss Cemetery in Bruce, Ontario.

Catherine Walker, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Walker

Catherine Walker, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Walker

Next their oldest daughter Katie (Catherine) divorced her husband of 7 years. Katie was only 16 or 17 when she married Andrew Grey in 1897 with the consent of her grandfather, Samuel’s father.  In 1910 Lizzie is with her parents in the census. She and Andrew had one child, Earl Grey but divorced in 1904. Less than four months later she married John T. McKay in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and had one child, Maysie. In 1906 Katie died of a pelvic abscess. The 1910 census shows that Andrew and Earl Grey are living with Katie’s parents. Then Elizabeth and Samuel lost their grandchild, Earl, in 1917 who died of pneumonia. I didn’t  follow Andrew Grey past the 1910 census.
Their oldest son, Samuel, married Lilian Nichol in 1909. In 1912 they lost an infant son from the croup. Lilian in died in 1919 and then in 1927 he lost another son, Blaine. Samuel did remarry  to another widow, Winnifred Cairns, in 1920.  But after 8 years of marriage  he died of uremia which is a by product of kidney disease I think.

Lizzie Miller and some Walker girls. I don't know which one is Lizzie.

Lizzie Miller and some Walker girls. The girl on the left is Sarah Jane Walker who married Noble Hoath

Lizzie, their fourth daughter married Charles Mitten in 1899 at the very young of 14. I think their marriage wasn’t very happy. In 1918 they filed for divorce but for some reason it wasn’t granted. Perhaps they decided to stay together. There was only one child born to them, Edythe Mae who was born in 1903. After 31 years of marriage they finally divorced in 1932.

Albert Walker, Lizzie Walker's daughter Sophia, Sophia's son's best girl

Albert Walker, Lizzie Walker’s daughter Sophia, Sophia’s son’s best girl

The rest of the children had longer lives and seemed to have healthy marriages. Sarah who married Noble Heath or Hoath, Sophia (Archie Carriere), Lydia (Eric Thorne), Emily (Samuel Parks) and Gladys (Floyd McKay) all stayed married and outlived their parents. Gladys and Floyd McKay did have one child, John Lyle, die just before his first birthday.

Gladys and Emma Walker, Lizzie Mitten and daughter Edyth

Gladys and Emma Walker, Lizzie Mitten and daughter Edyth

Samuel and Elizabeth Walker's youngest daughter, Gladys.

Samuel and Elizabeth Walker’s youngest daughter, Gladys.

Samuel died May 11, 1935 in Pickford then 5 years later at 80 years, Elizabeth died. I didn’t really want to dwell on all the bad things that happened in their lives but all the deaths and divorces seemed overwhelming . They of course had many grandchildren who must have brought them joy.

The pictures in this post come from Margaret Parker of Thunder Bay, Ontario. She had descendants of Samuel and Elizabeth Walker visit her who gave her the pictures. I’ve identified the pictures with the exact information. Unfortunately, the information isn’t always clear. However, the question is if Gladys is their youngest daughter who is Maggie/Madge in the 1910 census


Please contact me if you’d like to know where my information comes from or if you think we’re related, or if you’d like to hire me to do your research.

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Mary Jane Miller and Neil Munroe

Mary Jane Miller was born 11 August 1858 or 59 in Kinloss, Bruce County, Ontario. She was the first daughter born to Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. She is possibly named after Thomas’s mother.

mary jane

Mary Jane Miller picture taken for a family photo.

On January 14, 1880, at the age of 22 she married Neil Munroe, a tall Scotsman, who lived in Westminster Township, Middlesex County which is part of London, Ontario now.








3d-mary jane miller

Mary Munroe (nee Miller) on the right

I  was told Mary and Neil were unable to have children but in the 1901 census they have a daughter, Mary. However, the 1911 census states she is an adopted daughter. Knowing that sometimes if the mother died the children were raised by a relative I checked the Ontario marriage and death registrations and discovered that Mary is Mary Christina Robson, daughter of Arthur Robson and Rose Munroe, sister to Neil.  Rose died in 1891 of consumption (tuberculosis) leaving her 4 year old daughter. Since her father was unable to care for her she was given to Mary and Neil, who were childless, to raise. The interesting thing is that 6 years later Arthur remarried but his daughter didn’t return to live with him. It looks like he moved to Brandon, Manitoba with his new wife and started another family.  It could be that Mary and Neil applied for legal guardianship for her or just informally took her in. Mary Christina married Howard Stevens in 1914 and they continued to live in Middlesex County.

Neil Munroe died in 1916 of heart failure, 4 years before his father-in-law. At some point after 1911 her father, Thomas, moved in with her. He died in 1920. I have no other information on Mary who didn’t die until 1945. She and Neil are both buried in Woodland Cemetery, London, Ontario.



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Jacob Miller (1856-1934) and Eliza Walker (1859-1934)

Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller

Thomas and Catherine Young had 7 children. When I look at the names of their descendants in the Genealogy Miller Family compiled by Roy W. Miller of Edmonton, Alberta, I’m amazed at the extent of their progeny. It’s a bit overwhelming to think I want contact all their living relatives. I’d like to hear their family’s stories. So if you’re reading this and are related please contact me. I want to hear from you.

Jacob or Jake was the first child of Thomas and Catherine. He was born about August 20, 1856 on a farm in the 4th concession of Kinloss, Bruce, Ontario.  He married Eliza Margaret Walker sometime before 1880 (the birth year of their oldest son) but their marriage registration is missing. It’s quite possible they didn’t register the marriage.

2a-jake miller, eliza margaret (walker)  & sister

Jacob Miller and Eliza Walker with Eliza’s sister. (not sure which woman is which)

Like his father and mother Jake’s “life was marked by hard work and industry”. In all the census reports he says his occupation is a farmer but it’s also said he was the first one in the community to own a road grader and he “spent much time in this line of work”. He also conducted a wood business although I’m not exactly sure what kind of wood business. His wife was equally industrious. She was personally greeted by the Prince of Wales on his visit to London Ontario in 1919 for her untiring efforts knitting and making shirts for solders during World War I. How cool is that!

Jake and Eliza had 7 children, 2 daughters and 5 sons; Thomas Albert, Robert Samuel, Maggie Maria (Nina – who was crippled most of her life-stayed at home and never married), Mary Jane (Minnie), Jacob Herbert (Herb), John Summerville Tenant, and Francis (Frank) Henry Nelson. Almost all of their children moved out west to Saskatchewan then some on to British Columbia. Some of them came home for their father’s funeral but I’m not sure if they came home often before that. Frank took over the family farm and Nina stayed at home.

Jacob and Eliza's Tombstone in South Kinloss Cemetery

Jacob and Eliza’s Tombstone in South Kinloss Cemetery

Jake died on February 21, 1934 after a stroke 2 months earlier and exactly 12 weeks later Eliza died unexpectedly of a heart attack. It’s like her heart brake because her husband died. They are both buried in the South Kinloss Cemetery.

Sources for Jacob Miller and Eliza Walker

For more information on the genealogy research services I offer and rates go to

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Thomas Miller and Catherine Young

Thomas and Catherine Miller

Thomas and Catherine Miller

Sources for Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller is what we call an end of the line relative. He is my direct descendant but as I stated in my last post I’m not sure who his parents are. He was born around 1836 in Ireland. His wife, Catherine Young, was born in 1837 in Ontario, Canada. Her parents are John Young and Catherine Smeltzer. Records in Ireland show Millers and Youngs living in Kilcooley, Tipperary, Ireland.

Stories from other family members say that Thomas and Catherine married in Goderich Township, Huron County, Ontario and walked 30 miles to their farm in Kinloss, Bruce County, Ontario. They were married by a Bible Christian minister (a Methodist sect) on March 6, 1855; Thomas was 21 years old and Catherine was 20 years old.

Times were tough at the beginning. In 1858 and 59  a drought destroyed the crops. Bruce County Council raised money to help the destitute settlers. Thomas and Catherine one of the first pioneers in Kinloss and they worked hard. Most of the work was done in spring, summer and fall. Thomas did the heavy work of clearing trees, preparing the land and growing major crops. Catherine did the berry picking, preserving food, and taking care of the children. Tending animals was a shared chore. They had 12 children, 7 sons and 5 daughters, who helped out as soon as they were old enough. The last child was born when Catherine was 44. I believe they lived on three farms different farms during their married life. In later census reports Thomas’ occupation is a livestock dealer or cattle dealer so it looks like he decided to focus on raising cattle.

Miller Family

Miller Family, starting at 12:00 and going clockwise. Jake, Elizabeth, Tom, James, Catherine, Albert, Lydia, Henry, William, John, Margaret, Mary Jane.

Their sons, Jacob, Thomas, John, James, William, Henry, and Joseph married and moved away when they were old enough; some out west, to the States or to farms nearby . The daughters Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Margaret, Catherine, and Lydia married and  moved with their husbands.

In 1904 their son John Wesley died but I’m not sure where. On January 2, 1909 at the age of 71 Catherine passed away. In 1911 Thomas is living by himself doing odd jobs. Most likely he had help from sons and daughters in the area. At the age of 84 Thomas passed away near London, Ontario  at the home of his daughter Mary Munro. His body was shipped by rail to be buried in the Kinloss Cemetery beside his wife.

Thomas Miller with Neil Munroe, his son-in-law. Thomas lived with Neil and Mary Jane before his death in 1920.

Thomas Miller with Neil Munroe, his son-in-law. Thomas lived with Neil and Mary Jane before his death in 1920.

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Thomas Miller (1836-1920) Who are his Parents?

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This isn’t the most entertaining post but I had to get the information out of my head. Next post will be more of a story about Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. But for now here’s what I know about the family of Thomas Miller.

Family members say the Miller’s were Palatine Irish and that Thomas’ father is Jacob. From Canadian census records we learn that Thomas was born in Ireland the summer of 1836 or 1837. His family came to Canada in 1835, 1836, or 1837.

In 1973 Roy Miller published the “Miller Family Genealogy”. He gathered information by sending out letters and interviewing family members. This is how he learned the Millers we descend from are of “German” descent who emigrated to Ireland about 1709. These people left their homeland because the frequent wars in the area made the land useless for farming.  Some of these refuges went to America. A few, including our ancestors were invited to Ireland where they lived for about 125 years.

Roy Miller states that Jacob was the father of Thomas Miller. If this information is correct then I have a pretty good idea who Jacob is. My research has uncovered only indirect information but I’m still looking.

First there are 2 Jacob Millers about the same age, both from Ireland, in Goderich Township, Huron, County, Ontario. However, one Jacob Miller has a son Thomas who is born in 1855 so that is not the Jacob Miller I am looking for. I believe it is Jacob Miller who is married to Mary (maiden name unknown) that is our direct ancestor. I’ll explain why I think this.

First in the 1861 Canada Census Jacob and Mary Miller are living with their son John and his wife Suzane. John’s marriage states his parents’ names so I know their relationship. In 1871 Jacob and Mary have leased land from John Marshall. In 1881 Jacob the elder is living with Jacob and Eliza Miller. Mary is missing most likely she died. I believe these 2 Jacob Millers are father and son. Other than the fact he is living with them in 1881, there is also the Goderich Township Council news that states “Mrs Jacob Miller, attendance on the late Jacob Miller, indigent, $10”. Jacob Miller senior had been loaned 10 dollars because of extreme poverty and his daughter-in-law was paying his debts after his death. So those are the reasons I believe they are father and son. I have no other proof.

Now that you have all that information I’ll tell you where Thomas fits into all this. We already know that Jacob Miller is the name of Thomas’ father from interviews done by Roy Miller. In an email conversation with Sharon Smith, a descendant on the Young side (Thomas wife is Catherine Young), says that Eliza and Catherine Young married 2 brothers, Jacob and Thomas Miller. That’s the information I have linking these 2 people. If it is true I also know that they have a brother John.

Researching the parents and siblings of Thomas Miller is something I’m still working on. I haven’t been able to find a death registration for Thomas that should list his parents. I’d love to hear from you if you have more information.

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