Thomas Miller (1836-1920) Who are his Parents?

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This isn’t the most entertaining post but I had to get the information out of my head. Next post will be more of a story about Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. But for now here’s what I know about the family of Thomas Miller.

Family members say the Miller’s were Palatine Irish and that Thomas’ father is Jacob. From Canadian census records we learn that Thomas was born in Ireland the summer of 1836 or 1837. His family came to Canada in 1835, 1836, or 1837.

In 1973 Roy Miller published the “Miller Family Genealogy”. He gathered information by sending out letters and interviewing family members. This is how he learned the Millers we descend from are of “German” descent who emigrated to Ireland about 1709. These people left their homeland because the frequent wars in the area made the land useless for farming.  Some of these refuges went to America. A few, including our ancestors were invited to Ireland where they lived for about 125 years.

Roy Miller states that Jacob was the father of Thomas Miller. If this information is correct then I have a pretty good idea who Jacob is. My research has uncovered only indirect information but I’m still looking.

First there are 2 Jacob Millers about the same age, both from Ireland, in Goderich Township, Huron, County, Ontario. However, one Jacob Miller has a son Thomas who is born in 1855 so that is not the Jacob Miller I am looking for. I believe it is Jacob Miller who is married to Mary (maiden name unknown) that is our direct ancestor. I’ll explain why I think this.

First in the 1861 Canada Census Jacob and Mary Miller are living with their son John and his wife Suzane. John’s marriage states his parents’ names so I know their relationship. In 1871 Jacob and Mary have leased land from John Marshall. In 1881 Jacob the elder is living with Jacob and Eliza Miller. Mary is missing most likely she died. I believe these 2 Jacob Millers are father and son. Other than the fact he is living with them in 1881, there is also the Goderich Township Council news that states “Mrs Jacob Miller, attendance on the late Jacob Miller, indigent, $10”. Jacob Miller senior had been loaned 10 dollars because of extreme poverty and his daughter-in-law was paying his debts after his death. So those are the reasons I believe they are father and son. I have no other proof.

Now that you have all that information I’ll tell you where Thomas fits into all this. We already know that Jacob Miller is the name of Thomas’ father from interviews done by Roy Miller. In an email conversation with Sharon Smith, a descendant on the Young side (Thomas wife is Catherine Young), says that Eliza and Catherine Young married 2 brothers, Jacob and Thomas Miller. That’s the information I have linking these 2 people. If it is true I also know that they have a brother John.

Researching the parents and siblings of Thomas Miller is something I’m still working on. I haven’t been able to find a death registration for Thomas that should list his parents. I’d love to hear from you if you have more information.

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