Mary Jane Miller and Neil Munroe

Mary Jane Miller was born 11 August 1858 or 59 in Kinloss, Bruce County, Ontario. She was the first daughter born to Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. She is possibly named after Thomas’s mother.

mary jane
Mary Jane Miller picture taken for a family photo.

On January 14, 1880, at the age of 22 she married Neil Munroe, a tall Scotsman, who lived in Westminster Township, Middlesex County which is part of London, Ontario now.








3d-mary jane miller
Mary Munroe (nee Miller) on the right

I  was told Mary and Neil were unable to have children but in the 1901 census they have a daughter, Mary. However, the 1911 census states she is an adopted daughter. Knowing that sometimes if the mother died the children were raised by a relative I checked the Ontario marriage and death registrations and discovered that Mary is Mary Christina Robson, daughter of Arthur Robson and Rose Munroe, sister to Neil.  Rose died in 1891 of consumption (tuberculosis) leaving her 4 year old daughter. Since her father was unable to care for her she was given to Mary and Neil, who were childless, to raise. The interesting thing is that 6 years later Arthur remarried but his daughter didn’t return to live with him. It looks like he moved to Brandon, Manitoba with his new wife and started another family.  It could be that Mary and Neil applied for legal guardianship for her or just informally took her in. Mary Christina married Howard Stevens in 1914 and they continued to live in Middlesex County.

Neil Munroe died in 1916 of heart failure, 4 years before his father-in-law. At some point after 1911 her father, Thomas, moved in with her. He died in 1920. I have no other information on Mary who didn’t die until 1945. She and Neil are both buried in Woodland Cemetery, London, Ontario.



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