Elizabeth Miller (1860-1940) and Samuel Walker (1852-1935)

Elizabeth Miller, wife of Samuel Walker

Elizabeth Miller, wife of Samuel Walker

The third child born to Thomas Miller and Catherine Young was a daughter, Elizabeth. She was born October 9, 1860 in Lucknow, Bruce County, Ontario. As a child she would have had many “womanly” chores to do such as minding her younger brothers and sisters, housecleaning and the pioneer tasks such as canning and gardening. Like her brother, Jacob, she married one of the Walker clan. She was 16 years old when she married Samuel Walker on October 7, 1876 in Goderich, Huron County, Ontario.
Elizabeth and Samuel lived long lives and suffered many tragedies in their lives. They had 11 children; 7 who were born in Canada. In 1893, they followed Samuel’s family to Chippewa County, Michigan  (straight south of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario). They had 3 or 4 more children in Michigan.

The first tragedy that occurred in their marriage was when their infant daughter, Margaret, died in 1882 at the age of 2 months. She is buried in the South Kinloss Cemetery in Bruce, Ontario.

Catherine Walker, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Walker

Catherine Walker, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Walker

Next their oldest daughter Katie (Catherine) divorced her husband of 7 years. Katie was only 16 or 17 when she married Andrew Grey in 1897 with the consent of her grandfather, Samuel’s father.  In 1910 Lizzie is with her parents in the census. She and Andrew had one child, Earl Grey but divorced in 1904. Less than four months later she married John T. McKay in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and had one child, Maysie. In 1906 Katie died of a pelvic abscess. The 1910 census shows that Andrew and Earl Grey are living with Katie’s parents. Then Elizabeth and Samuel lost their grandchild, Earl, in 1917 who died of pneumonia. I didn’t  follow Andrew Grey past the 1910 census.
Their oldest son, Samuel, married Lilian Nichol in 1909. In 1912 they lost an infant son from the croup. Lilian in died in 1919 and then in 1927 he lost another son, Blaine. Samuel did remarry  to another widow, Winnifred Cairns, in 1920.  But after 8 years of marriage  he died of uremia which is a by product of kidney disease I think.

Lizzie Miller and some Walker girls. I don't know which one is Lizzie.

Lizzie Miller and some Walker girls. The girl on the left is Sarah Jane Walker who married Noble Hoath

Lizzie, their fourth daughter married Charles Mitten in 1899 at the very young of 14. I think their marriage wasn’t very happy. In 1918 they filed for divorce but for some reason it wasn’t granted. Perhaps they decided to stay together. There was only one child born to them, Edythe Mae who was born in 1903. After 31 years of marriage they finally divorced in 1932.

Albert Walker, Lizzie Walker's daughter Sophia, Sophia's son's best girl

Albert Walker, Lizzie Walker’s daughter Sophia, Sophia’s son’s best girl

The rest of the children had longer lives and seemed to have healthy marriages. Sarah who married Noble Heath or Hoath, Sophia (Archie Carriere), Lydia (Eric Thorne), Emily (Samuel Parks) and Gladys (Floyd McKay) all stayed married and outlived their parents. Gladys and Floyd McKay did have one child, John Lyle, die just before his first birthday.

Gladys and Emma Walker, Lizzie Mitten and daughter Edyth

Gladys and Emma Walker, Lizzie Mitten and daughter Edyth

Samuel and Elizabeth Walker's youngest daughter, Gladys.

Samuel and Elizabeth Walker’s youngest daughter, Gladys.

Samuel died May 11, 1935 in Pickford then 5 years later at 80 years, Elizabeth died. I didn’t really want to dwell on all the bad things that happened in their lives but all the deaths and divorces seemed overwhelming . They of course had many grandchildren who must have brought them joy.

The pictures in this post come from Margaret Parker of Thunder Bay, Ontario. She had descendants of Samuel and Elizabeth Walker visit her who gave her the pictures. I’ve identified the pictures with the exact information. Unfortunately, the information isn’t always clear. However, the question is if Gladys is their youngest daughter who is Maggie/Madge in the 1910 census


Please contact me if you’d like to know where my information comes from or if you think we’re related, or if you’d like to hire me to do your research.


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