Catherine Miller

5b-kate miller

Catherine Miller

Catherine Miller, 9th child of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young was born the 31 March 1874 (or thereabouts – her birth wasn’t registered so her birth date is from the 1901 census). By the time she was 2  her older siblings were already marrying and leaving home.

Catherine married Walter Spindler, a labourer who was born in Lincolnshire, England. His family emigrated from England in 1873 and settled in Lucknow, Huron County, Ontario. Catherine and Walter married on December 26, 1899 in Lucknow. They had 5 children, William Thomas Charles born in 1901 who lived only 22 days, Catherine Lillian (Lily) born in 1903, Walter John born 1906, Arthur Elliot born 1910, and Thomas Charles born 1911.

3c-catherine (miller) & walter spindler

Catherine Miller and Walter Spindler

They may have been a poor family. I think this because in the 1921, John age 15 was working at a neighbours and Lily, age 18 is living with and helping out her 62 year old Aunt Mary Munroe. Only the 2 younger boys remained at home.

Walter died in 1936. Catherine died later in 1953. Both deaths are marked with footstones at the base of the tombstone of Margaret Curtis and her husband Charles. Margaret is Catherine’s older sister.

Their daughter, Lillian, lived with  William “Bill” George Armstrong. In 1931 their daughter and only child Margaret Hazel was born. Margaret married in 1952 and had 10 children. It’s fascinating that Arthur married twice and had 6 children. Thomas Charles married and had 4 kids.


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