Joseph Albert Miller (1879-1859)

Joseph Albert Miller was born in Lucknow, Bruce County, Ontario on 4 July 1879, the 10th child and last son of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. In various records he went by Joseph, Albert, and Bert but it seems he usually went by Albert. He married Mary Della Barclay in London, Ontario on the 23Continue reading “Joseph Albert Miller (1879-1859)”

William David Miller and Malinda Fizell

William Miller (1872 – 1925) and Melinda Fizell (1874 – 1955) William David is the eighth child of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young.  He was born in 1872, either the 14 of February (1901 census), or the 16 January (army records). William did all the normal things, he worked, married (Malinda Fizell on 23 May 1894 in London, Ontario),Continue reading “William David Miller and Malinda Fizell”

Thomas (1864-1938), John (1868-1904), and James Miller (1869-1928)

  1. Thomas Miller taken in Munising Michigan studio 2. John Wesley Miller taken in London Ontario studio 3. James Miller taken in Marquette Michigan studio  The next three boys of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young The Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior doesn’t have much to offer; it’s remote, has harshContinue reading “Thomas (1864-1938), John (1868-1904), and James Miller (1869-1928)”

Margaret Miller (1864-1929) and Charles Curtis (1867-1939)

Margaret is the 4th child of Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. She was born either 28 February 1864 (1901 Census) or the 27 February 1863 (death registration). I have decided to go with the birth date on the 1901 Census since she may have given her birth date to the census enumerator. The informant on herContinue reading “Margaret Miller (1864-1929) and Charles Curtis (1867-1939)”

Elizabeth Miller (1860-1940) and Samuel Walker (1852-1935)

The third child born to Thomas Miller and Catherine Young was a daughter, Elizabeth. She was born October 9, 1860 in Lucknow, Bruce County, Ontario. As a child she would have had many “womanly” chores to do such as minding her younger brothers and sisters, housecleaning and the pioneer tasks such as canning and gardening. LikeContinue reading “Elizabeth Miller (1860-1940) and Samuel Walker (1852-1935)”

Mary Jane Miller and Neil Munroe

Mary Jane Miller was born 11 August 1858 or 59 in Kinloss, Bruce County, Ontario. She was the first daughter born to Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. She is possibly named after Thomas’s mother. On January 14, 1880, at the age of 22 she married Neil Munroe, a tall Scotsman, who lived in Westminster Township,Continue reading “Mary Jane Miller and Neil Munroe”

Thomas Miller and Catherine Young

Sources for Thomas Miller Thomas Miller is what we call an end of the line relative. He is my direct descendant but as I stated in my last post I’m not sure who his parents are. He was born around 1836 in Ireland. His wife, Catherine Young, was born in 1837 in Ontario, Canada. HerContinue reading “Thomas Miller and Catherine Young”

Thomas Miller (1836-1920) Who are his Parents?

For help with your genealogy research check out my blog: This isn’t the most entertaining post but I had to get the information out of my head. Next post will be more of a story about Thomas Miller and Catherine Young. But for now here’s what I know about the family of Thomas Miller.Continue reading “Thomas Miller (1836-1920) Who are his Parents?”